Mátyás Mervay

Historian, Writer, Lecturer, Researcher


Born and raised in Hungary, I spent five formative years studying, working, and traveling in China to settle (?) in the United States.

As a published historian of modern China and Central Europe, I’m pursuing my Ph.D. at New York University, focusing on refugees, migration, and diaspora formations. I’m passionate about education and the dissemination of historical knowledge through writing and public speaking.

Language learning is my favorite pastime; feel free to contact me in English, 中文, Magyar, Italiano, or Deutsch! My non-fiction book about Paul Komor, the rescuer of thousands of Jewish refugees in wartime Shanghai, is scheduled to come out in late summer 2023!

Get in touch

I’m always available for both academic and broader collaborations worldwide. If you want to chat about China, Central Europe, family history, or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out.